Welcome to Jämi Area! 

Jämi travel- and holidaycenter offers different kind of experiences, accommodations, foodservices and piece of the most beautiful nature in Finland!

On summertime, Jämi is one of the most multifaceted aviation places in Finland. Here You can see skydivers, RC-planes, gliders and lot of others on the blue sky. Biggest aviation event is Jämi Fly In, that offers one of Finlands biggest airshow on summer.

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On winter-time You can find all-around skiing trails in Jämi area, even over 140 km. Every year we have a lot of competitions for example Finnish championships.

Lake Jämijärvi gives also plenty of possibilities with experiences. You can try water skiing, canoeing, fishing, rowing with a church boat.... You can enjoy Jämi's view also by hiking, driving with ATV or snowmobiles, play snowgolf – only the sky is limit!

Our company consist three different parts; Hotel Jämi, Jämi Sales and Korsuretket.

Hotel Jämi is old, traditional hotel-restaurant in center of Jämi area. It's very cosy place to sit on terrace with a  cold drink and see what happens on the landing strip that is right next to hotel. We also offer different kind of food services; breakfast, lunch and multifaceted resources with ala carte – list (grill, pizzas, steaks).

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Jämi Sales is a travel agency that will give You the information of all services that Jami has to offer. We have about 20 cottages, activities, food services and we also organize different kind of events - meetings, birthdays, weddings...

Korsuretket is a company that has  specialized for experience travelling in nature. Our activities are among other things canoeing, rowing with a church boat, hiking and snowshoeing. On our treks base we have build a little ”village” by river Jylli that has space in diverse buildings about 250 persons. We have also saunas for 35 persons at the time.

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Contact us with e-mail myynti(at)jamimyynti.fi or call us +358 44 5736510.

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